Monday, November 3, 2014

Modelco skincare

Recently, Modelco brought out a skincare range and I received a couple of these sample packs. It gave me a good opportunity to give the range a go before purchasing.

As for the products themselves there is a cream cleanser, double sided face wipes, skin brightening and firming serum, replenishing rose face mist, a rose hip facial oil, macadamia facial oil, soothing moisturiser, hydrating moisturiser, clarifying moisturiser, exfoliating cream face scrub, cleansing foam and a gel cleanser.

I got samples for the double sided face wipes, exfoliating cream, serum and soothing moisturiser.

I'm a little bit on the fence about this line but I think it's done one thing right. That's catering for a lot of different skin types. There's a cleanser and a moisturiser for just about anyone. The soothing moisturiser was quite pleasant and I enjoyed the smell. However, it is a strong smell so I know a lot of people will not like this. It smells like lemon myrtle to me and I love that scent. I may pick it up when I need a new moisturiser but it didn't do anything magical for my skin which would make me run out and buy it immediately.

While I didn't get a cleanser to try I did get to try the wipes! Which I love! Already picked some up at my local priceline. A lot of wipes claim to have an exfoliating side. These wipes actually do what they say. It really feels like your skin is getting a good clean and you can scrub at those nasty dry bits. The other side is so soft and gentle, perfect for the eyes and soothing the skin. They are also a good size. No need to use two wipes...

The face scrub though... I didn't like. Not because it didn't do a good job but because this strong scent I didn't like. It was very overpowering to me.

I've been looking for a serum for the last couple of months and I've yet to find one that fits into my budget or does what I need. That's why I was very excited to try this one. It had a similar scent to the moisturiser and I had high hopes for what it would do for my skin... but it left me feeling greasy. Not immediately but not long after and especially in the morning. When I use a rosehip oil on my face at night, I wake up with such smooth skin. It feels amazing and that's what I want from products I put on my face. I don't want to waste time or money buying and using products that are not going to help my skin or even make it worse. I struggle with breakouts and it's a daily fight to get it looking its best. So, needless to say I'm still on the hunt. Until then I'm sticking with just my rosehip oil. I'm not completely loyal to any particular brand though so who knows, maybe I will give the Modelco one a go.

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