Friday, February 27, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips Review

I was lucky enough to receive the 8 shades from the Rimmel Provocalips range for review. I was unsure how they would work for me but very curious to try,
I've never been one to wear this type of formula because of the feel on my lips. I like to feel comfortable which is probably why I tend to stay away from matte lip products. 
However, these babies lived up to the hype! They are super pigmented and the shades are beautiful.
Some people might not like this type of product it is all down to personal preference after all. 

First you apply the lip colour to your dry lips. It's definitely best to apply on clean, dry lips. Perhaps using a scrub before your shower and ensure that you have no oily residue left on your lips. This may cause peeling or even flaking off. 
Once you have applied the colour, leave it to dry. It shouldn't take too long and you will notice a really tacky feeling on your lips.  BUT don't let that put you off.
Second step is to use the "lock and shine" end which I imagined to be a liquid gloss which I am not always a fan off because sometimes they tend to be sticky too. Instead it is almost a balm, albeit a slightly thinner consistency. It feels incredibly comfortable and even that is very long lasting. You might only need to apply it again after eating or drinking.

Together, it packs a punch of colour and shine.

 This is my favourite shade from the collection and it is number 110 Dare to Pink!
Definitely more of a nude pink colour but very wearable and a nice subtle way to wear pink if it's not normally your cup of tea.

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